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  1. As an organisation, Kiva is undoubtedly promoting capitalism. I have reconciled this fact with my beliefs by ensuring that my loans to selected individuals do not provide any money to Kiva per se. Kiva doesn’t take a cut of any loans provided to recipients, nor take a share of any profits made by MFIs. My lending is not to individuals to expand their existing businesses, but for individuals in the poorest of countries, needing small loans just to survive, often to buy another animal or some food to sell onwards. I only choose MFIs that are entirely non-religious, that have among the lowest relative yields (how much interest and fees are charged) and that make low or no profits. And then only MFIs that have a strong social agenda. The MFIs I lend to are not-for-profit NGOs, meaning that they’re not the same as traditional lending organisations. Given that money is used almost universally to provide commensurate trading, I find what I’m doing is not inconsistent with anarchical beliefs.

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